The 97 Universe

The Official The 97 Universe whitepaper
The 97 Universe is an esports tournament league that combines blockchain technology, competitive play and live streaming. Fueling the burning desire inside competitive players globally and broadcasting that with our own version of live streaming in what we like to call "StreamFi". We believe the best way to accomplish this is by hosting themed tournaments where NFT communities can congregate, form clans, participate in side events, live stream, compete and root for their favorite teams in a fan-like manner.
The 97 Universe wants to create an otherworld esports experience for NFT communities, by building an intergalactic coliseum called "Infiniseum". This is where users can navigate with their avatars, explore with others, swap coins, chat, compete, and live stream in an immersive social hub. The Infiniseum will serve as the official esports hub for The 97 universe, then we will set out and explore the galaxy... Two is better than one, we took that approach by created two leagues. Catering to both casual and competitive gamers, there will be a NFT Esports Pro League while other league will serve tournaments in a cash payout prize pool format.

The Mission

As gamers ourselves, we understand that competition truly gives us the emotions we crave when it comes to competitive play, like scoring at the very last second to move your team up the bracket. Those exciting moments serve as the pinnacle of gaming and it's our duty to make sure we create that experience every time. We aim to become the leading tournament league on the blockchain by implementing StreamFi to help capture what we truly want to build. The video streaming market will grow to $223.98 billion by 2028 and Blockchain gaming market has already surpassed $1 billion! Combining the two and adding more aspects as we go will play an important role to the future of gaming.
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