Cash Prize Pool Tournaments
Bring your squad, play for keeps!

Cash Prize Pool Tournaments

We understand that gamers will want to be apart of the blockchain gaming league so we created a separate league to cater to that audience. The 97 Universe will host weekly tournaments where players can form clans (teams of 4) and enter for a chance to win our prize pools. We will have free entry and cash entry tournaments.
Games will include:
  • Rocket League
  • Apex
  • Fortnite
  • Call of Duty
  • Call of Duty (Mobile)
  • UFC
  • PUBG
Tournaments will also be hosted globally to avoid ping issues.
Servers include:
  • North America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Africa
  • Asia
  • Oceania
  • India
Join our Discord to learn more, find your squad and enter our weekly tournaments!
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