NFT Esports Pro League
Blockchain gaming league

NFT Esports Pro League

Esports has built a following of 577.2 million fans globally. Esports leagues have created a format that compels gamers of all sorts, we want to replicate that model, add our own twist to it then introduce it to the Blockchain.
The NFT Esports League will be a conglomerate event that host gaming tournaments including: Call of Duty, Rocket League, Blockchain games and more. These tournaments will be exclusive to the official teams in the league. Teams will be set up in single elimination, double elimination, robin-cycle and qualifying brackets to determine winners of the league. Winners will bring home NFT trophies, sponsored cash prizes and more.

Esports Teams

To be eligible to participate in these leagues you will need to hold an official NFT Esports pass that represents your involvement. Every year we will auction off passes to NFT projects that want to participate in the league each year. NFT projects who hold the passes will be eligible to receive items from our sponsors. NFT projects can also sell their NFT to another project for a price of their choosing.
We encourage teams to assemble a squad of 4 to 5 players. We also encourage teams to scout out the best of the best because sponsors will be looking on who they want to be involved with. Pros will be among other teams, there will be no mercy when prizes are on the line.

NFT Trophy and Medals

Top 3 placers in the project tournaments will receive a NFT trophy and medals sent to their community wallet. Trophies and medals are a symbol that teams successfully participated in tournaments and placed in the top 3 bracket, indicating that the prize pool will be split and distributed to those teams only.
1st Annual March Madness NFT Trophy [Champion: Cactus World NFT]
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