StreamFi is a live streaming service that focuses on combining blockchain technology with video game live streaming, broadcasting esports competition and creative content. We feel like the traditional live streaming platforms hasn't found a compelling way for streamers and viewers to establish a deeper connection. We want to give streamers a number of ways they can interact with their communities including 3D showroom, custom emotes, staking multiplier rewards and much more. During Phase 1 we will release sneak peeks of the UI UX design for the StreamFi.
As the project scales we will give streamers a launchpad, where they will have the ability to launch NFTs collections, 1/1 artwork and auction NFTs to their community. Viewers will need to swap their coin to $KELA to enter raffles, auctions and purchase NFTs from the secondary market. This will not only open a new way for streamers to connect with viewers but it brings value and utility to $KELA.
Lastly, Streamers will have the ability to activate staking multipliers to their community. This will keep viewers engaged and rewarded at the same time.
This tab will be updated as the project furthers development.
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